Shooting information

  • The shooting course may be changed by local circumstances on the day of shooting.
  • The shooting time includes the time to move and the time to change clothes.  (Included in the recording time if you are late for the agreed recording time).
  • We will email you the original data for photo selection within [within 2 weeks] after the end of shooting.  After confirming the original, select the photo you want to edit.  Please let us know your number, and we will send you a copy of the calibration within [up to 2 months] from the date you provided.
  • The product contains pure shooting obesity. You must make your own costumes, makeup, accessories, and admission fees. – Calibration is performed according to the mood at the time of shooting.
  • Wind-blown hair, makeup correction, facial composition, one-key increase, background clearing, dress wrinkles,  It does not compensate for weather changes that change cloudy days to sunny days.
  • refund and cancellation policy
  • contract ~ 7 days : 100% refund.
    7 days to 30 days : 30% refund.
    30 days to Service day : no refund.